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By using


in your maize production

you will provide your farm,

year for year,

with a large extra earning

which cannot be achieved

in any other way!


BIOCOMPLEX: product description

is a natural liquid spray material for use in conventional and ecological plant
production which uses the characteristics of the substances contained in the
plant’s cells to improve the soil and to provide the plants with optimal
growing conditions.
Scientific studies have shown,
· that plants treated according to our instructions produce at least 30 %
more hair roots and accordingly a large harvest increase of about 20 % and
of optimal quality.
· that the biological activity in the soil increases in both intensity and
quantity so that worn out soil is revitalised, erosion and concentrations of
harmful micro biology are neutralised and brought back to a natural
Application Tips:
The dilution with water should always be more than 1 : 100.
Please do not forget to follow the tips at the end of this pamphlet































Silo, Corn and Bio–gas maize production using


What effect does the use of BIOCOMPLEX have in maize growing?
· Every plant that comes into contact with our product reacts immediately by
diverting it’s energy into root growth. 30-50% more hair roots per treatment
is normal.
· A portion of our product consists of Gray Humic Acid. This is the end
product of the biological breakdown of organic material in our soil. The
amount of Gray Humic Acid not only controls the amount of multi-layered
silicates (ion exchange capacity) but also the fertility of the soil via a quick
and balanced increase in the number and activity of the microbiology.
It has been scientifically proved that after just two applications of
BIOCOMPLEX the activity had increased 20 times and so 30 % more
nematode-cysts have been eliminated as compared to the untreated area.
Still not enough? Clay clumps on your land will, after consequential use of
BIOCOMPLEX in all your cultivation, be re-structured and then they will
have the same water holding capacity and be as easy to work as your
normal soil. Today our farming community, due to the dissatisfying cost
and harvest situation, is forced to use new, innovative and proven methods

– such as the application of our BIOCOMPLEX.

Then follow these direct influences on maize growing:
· Increased harvest.
· Higher cob weight and corn production.
· Improvement in quality of content.
· Reduction in use of pesticides.
· Reduction in Fusariae attacks.
· Higher stress resistance against drought and disease.

We are convinced that the many years experience of our customers will help
you to produce large and stable harvests.

However so called “dogmas” should be questioned:
1s t dogma: maize monoculture is considered, due to a negative humus
balance, as exploitation. That is certainly the case if you are not in a position
to activate and strengthen the soil bacteria.
The activation and strengthening of the soil bacteria is achieved by treating
your maize areas twice per year with BIOCOMPLEX ( a total of 3 litres per
hectare and year). According to scientific determination our biological
product strengthens the soil biology by about 20 times above the untreated

The result is as follows:
The multiple application of BIOCOMPLEX reduces erosion on all types of
soil. The fast conversion of harvest residue enriches the valuable organic
substance in the soil. It produces a favourable soil structure with an optimal
water holding capacity and that will support repeated maize crops.

With the continual use of BIOCOMPLEX you can plant maize as
monoculture in the region of your animal stalls and silos. A large financial
benefit: is that you don’t have to transport the slurry over long distances and
you can charge your maize silos without having long transport ways. That
saves time, money and problems!

Extensive field trials have given the following results: a single treatment
with BIOCOMPLEX gave an increase of 15-20%. A double treatment with
BIOCOMPLEX gave an increase of up to 35% as opposed to the untreated

Our product enables, through the increase in hair root production, each
plant to increase its given genetic abilities to defend against pests and

Practitioners have found out that in years with high green fly infestation the
2 x treated areas were not attacked. That is another reason why a double
treatment with BIOCOMPLEX is so important.

2nd dogma: maize growing infects grain with Fusariae
Certainly! Really all maize types – from Miscanthus (China Grass ) and
Sorgum to our Silo and Corn maize types are Fusariae collectors – and
the farmers cannot recognise an attack ( until the 6th leaf stage) and
are surprised that the Fusariae had infected the plants in an early stage
and later attacks the stalk, leaves and cobs.

Due to the stress caused by crop rotation with grain types, propagated
Fusariae will be incorporated in the following crop.

When you treat your maize crop continually, year for year with our product
BIOCOMPLEX, you can leave the control of the Fusariae to the activated soil
bacteria. Nature will handle the left overs.

It shows in all practical experience:
When you grow grain after maize, the use of BIOCOMPLEX has a
prophylactic effect, not only in the previous maize crop but also in the
following grain crop against Fusariae attack, and also reduces the Mycotoxin
contents of the plants.

Our customers, who for years have been using our product regularly over
large areas, have anyhow no problems with the DON values in cereals
because the same effect could be seen in the Ecological farms.

Whether the cause is a strong soil biology or the regular use of Copper
products against fungal attack – which as a heavy metal in regular
application of even the smallest dosages can severely damage the soil biology
– is now being questioned.

However we notice in the increasing number of customers from the ecological
area that the workings of our product BIOCOMPLEX is widely understood.
Because the Gray Humic Acids in our product enter with the heavy metals
into the soil’s complex – linkage. Hence they inactivate the poisonous ness of
these substances, permanently, for the soil’s organisms and the growing
cultures in the area.

What is more for this protection of their soil and crops the ecological farmers
will knowingly accept the mechanism of our product when it causes
increased weed growth due to their large root systems – that causes extra
costs as in ecological farming no herbicide is allowed.















































































































It has been scientifically determined that a maize plant requires approx. 200
litres of water alone for evaporation. There are eight maize plants per m². So,
where does the 1,600 litres of water come from? It cannot be from
precipitation as the figures on the next side show. In spite of the distance
from the ground water many times the amount of the precipitation is guided
to the surface by way of capillary tubes. Plants with large amounts of hair
roots can make use of this water.
Plants without biocomplex cannot. The average crop yield, with biocomplex,
for the last four years lay at 10 dt/ha above the German average – and that
with only 28-32 soil fertility points!

















































































































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