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By using


in your winter cereal


you will provide your farm,

year for year,

with a large extra earning

which cannot be achieved

in any other way!


BIOCOMPLEX: product description

is a natural liquid spray material for use in conventional and ecological plant
production which uses the characteristics of the substances contained in the
plant’s cells to improve the soil and to provide the plants with optimal
growing conditions.
Scientific studies have shown,
· that plants treated according to our instructions produce at least 30 %
more hair roots and accordingly a large harvest increase of about 20 % and
of optimal quality.
· that the biological activity in the soil increases in both intensity and
quantity so that worn out soil is revitalised, erosion and concentrations of
harmful micro biology are neutralised and brought back to a natural













Winter-Cereal cultivation


What effect does the use of biocomplex have in the cultivation of Winter
Cereals? Every plant that comes in contact with our product reacts
immediately by diverting it’s energy into root growth. 30 – 50% more hair
roots per treatment is normal.
A portion of our product consists of Grey Humic Acid. This is the end of the
biological breakdown of organic materials in our soil. The amount of Grey
Humic Acid not only controls the amount of multi-layered silicates (Ion
exchange Capacity) but also the nutritional-dynamic and water retaining
capacity of the soil via a quick and balanced increase in the number and
activity of the micro-biology.
It has been scientifically proven that after just 2 applications of our product
the activity of the microbiology will increase 20 fold.
Still not enough? Clay clumps on your land will, after consequential use of
biocomplex in all your cultivation, be re-structured. And then they will have
the same water holding capacity and be as easy to work as the rest of your
Today our farming community, due to the dissatisfying cost and harvest
situation, is forced to use new, innovated and proven methods – such as the
application of our biocomplex.
Then follow these direct influences on cereal growing:
· Visible increase in harvest quantity.
· Improved quality parameters.
· Stabilizing the plant’s health.
· Economizing with plant protection chemicals.
· Reducing seed requirement.
· A visible improvement in tillering.
· Increased stability.
· Less risk in wintering.
Let us start from the present situation as seen in plant cultivation in many
farms: Chemical products used to combat insects and fungi are more
expensive from year to year.

In the meantime they have become so expensive that the cost of the
manufacturers recommended applications barely allow the farmer to make a
satisfactory profit.
The starting point for the continually increasing costs in plant cultivation is
above all the frequently overstated recommendations in respect of the seed
As a rule this leads to a situation where the optimal spacing between the
plants is ignored. Consequently they form thick clumps in which an adverse
microclimate dominates.
To at least half way counteract this negative development, mostly expensive
plant protection chemicals were used to safeguard the crop. This is generally
known, but was – deliberately or not – rarely considered.
Many farmers, simply could not imagine that one could, with a reduced but
adequate amount of seed and a reduced use of chemicals in plant
cultivation, still produce top yields together with increased quality on all
types of soil.
With the continual use of our product biocomplex our customers are in a
position, with seed as well as with plant protection chemicals, to make
considerable savings.
With the scientifically proven twenty fold increase in biological activity, in
repeatedly treated arable land pathogenic germs living in the soil and
parasites (Nematodes etc.) will be reduced, harmful substances broken down
and the crummy structure improved.
These soils also have a considerably higher “buffer capacity”, water holding
capacity and a stronger nutrient dynamic than untreated areas.
We could, due to our twenty years of world wide experience with the
application of our product biocomplex optimise, so that in the daily practise
the economizing on seed and chemical usage produces a noticeable sum.
It has become apparent that in the user farms, where all arable crops have
been treated for years, have no problem with DON-contents caused by
Fusariae in cereals.
In the following you will find our recommendations of how the production of
winter cereals in combination with can be favourably priced.
We have to point out that our application recommendations for biocomplex
with regard to the amount and timing must be exactly followed.

At sowing we recommend the following for sandy to the heaviest soil:
Winter barley 4-rows 200-250 viable seeds /m² (vs/m²)
Winter wheat (Single ear types) 230-250 vs/m²
(Tillering types) 180-250 vs/m²
Winter rye 180-250 vs/m²
Winter triticale 180-250 vs/m²
Hybrid wheat and Hybrid rye 100-130 vs/m²
When using a single seed drill with Hybrid types 90 vs/m²
For improved start conditions use our biological wet disinfectant,
Should you in the first years usage of biocomplex not feel comfortable with
reducing the amount seed so much immediately, try over the years, step by
step to reach this figure.
Please consider, the single plants in a thick group of plants weaken each
other, so that these weak plants have little chance of surviving the winter.
Therefore we request you to sow no more than the recommended amount of
seed per/m².
For fertilizer management the following recommendations:
In general after a previous crop of cereals there should be an addition of N,
at a rate of 30 – 40 kg/ha, to the N given for the straw in autumn. Due to
our product a much larger root has been produced and it needs this N to
develop further. This ensures that in early spring the plants do not starve
when it is not possible to spread the first N dosage due to weather
After a previous crop of Rape Seed, Legume or Potatoes there is no need for
this N dosage. The mineral fertilizer dose given at sprouting should be given
5 – 8 days before the biocomplex treatment was made. One can bring out
concentrated AHL and spray, together with our product when the correct
growth stage has been reached.
Please accept a simple fact: The manifold and complex attributes and effects
of our biological product biocomplex on plants and soil, tested thousands of
times world wide in all the plant cultivation climate zones cannot be
produced by any single agricultural chemical product.
















































































The guarantee of success
in plant growth

Conditions for use /Application instructions

Our product, in both impact and result, is a completely new development in
plant growing. It can be applied during all weather conditions – rain, frost or
strong sunlight – the plants react immediately.
Many of our customers at home and overseas make a number of their own
experiments in application times etc. We check these results and pass them
on to you. Afterwards the following application instructions have to be
strictly followed:

1. The strict compliance of the application timings. (The further the
application times are stretched the smaller is the increase in both
quantity and quality).
2. Before the filling of the spray equipment the equipment must be
earthed – with a chain or a wire rope between the tractor and the
spray unit. (best at the tow hook from the tractor). With self propelled
units attach a chain or a wire rope to the back axle. This is to divert
the static electricity to the ground thereby stopping the break down of
the spray mixture in the tank or inactivating it’s efficacy.
3. Preparing the spray mixture:
a) Fill the tank ¾ full with water
b) A must be addition of 0.5 l/ha AHL oder 0.5 kg/ha SSA
(Please no more!)
c) Addition of biocomplex corresponding to the given amount
(diluted at a minimum of 1 : 100 with water
d) Then at the end mix all other additives in the tank biocomplex
should not be mixed with other additives in an undiluted condition
i.e. not added via the loading port.
Our product, biocomplex, can be mixed with undiluted AHL
and fundamentally, after mixing with AHL or SSA, with all
Fungicides, Insecticides and Herbicides.
4. Micro nourishment fertilizer and/or trace elements are only mixable
with our product when they are in the full Chelated form (without
dissolvable additives.
5. Magnesium (Mg) cannot be mixed with our product.


































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