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By using


in your potato production

you will provide your farm,

year for year,

with a large extra earning

which cannot be achieved

in any other way !

BIOCOMPLEX: product description
is a natural liquid spray material for use in conventional and ecological plant
production which uses the characteristics of the substances contained in the
plant’s cells to improve the soil and to provide the plants with optimal
growing conditions.
Scientific studies have shown,
· that plants treated according to our instructions produce at least 30 %
more hair roots and accordingly a large harvest increase of about 20 % and
of optimal quality.
· that the biological activity in the soil increases in both intensity and
quantity so that worn out soil is revitalised, erosion and concentrations of
harmful micro biology are neutralised and brought back to a natural











Application Tips:
The dilution with water should always be more than 1 : 100.
Please do not forget to follow the tips at the end of this pamphlet
BIOCOMPLEX when used as directed is completely harmless to man,
animals, plants and their environment. Skin contact with the original
product, wash off with water. By eye contact immediately rinse with water
and visit a Doctor.





















Seed, starch and table potatoes with

What effect does the use of BIOCOMPLEX have in potato growing?
· Every plant that comes in contact with our product reacts
immediately by diverting it’s energy into root growth. 30 – 50 % more
hair roots per treatment is normal. Because of the multiple
treatment of the potatoes up to 200 % extra hair roots are produced.
This can easily cause a deficit in the nitrogen required for the
forming and development of the tubers. Please compensate for this
deficite. Agricultural scientists confirmed this fact in the 90’s.
· A portion of our product consists of Gray Humic Acid. This is the end of
the biological breakdown of organic materials in our soil. The amount of
Grey Humic Acid not only controls the amount of multi-layered silicates (ion
exchange capacity) but also the fertility of the soil via a quick and balanced
increase in the number and activity of the micro-biology. It has been
scientifically proved that after just two applications of BIOCOMPLEX the
activity had increased 20 times and so 30 % more nematode-cysts have been
eliminated as compared to the untreated area. Still not enough: Clay clumps
on your land will, after consequential use of BIOCOMPLEX in all your
cultivation, be re-structured. And then they will have the same water holding
capacity and be as easy to work as normal soil.
Then follow these direct influences on potato growing:
· The harvest quantity increases by 20 % and more.
· The potatoes become more symmetrical, rounder and heavier.
· Scab is greatly reduced if not eliminated.
· „Glassy“ potatoes after drought conditions are unknown.
· The „under water weight“ is increased.
· The aroma and flavour is intensified.
· The plants are healthier and are not so prone to pests and disease
(reduction in chemical costs).
· The respiration during winter storage is reduced to 0.5 – 1 % of
normal and the potatoes can be sold for up to 4 weeks longer in
· The soil structure improves enormously.
· After the potato harvest the large amount of hair roots increase the raw
Humus offered to the soil biology.
· The crop rotation possibilities can be reduced without causing an increase
in pests (nematodes) or ground fatigue.
You can be certain of reaching the benefits written above when the
application conditions are followed and that there is sufficient extra
nitrogen for the increased roots and the expected larger harvest.

Nowadays many seed breeders, growers and also a large number of table and
starch potato producers at home and overseas use our system and have very
good results – BIOCOMPLEX has naturally become a part of a successful
potato production.











































































Explanation of attached photographs

The photograph of the growth area is a single photograph and not a
General comments:
This year, 2003, has produced the highest ever recorded temperatures in
Europe and the lowest rainfall.
Both sets of potatoes were NOT irrigated.
The photographs were taken, as indicated, on 08.08.2003.
The harvest of the untreated potatoes started on the same date.
The harvest of the treated potatoes is planned for the second half of

The positive workings of biocomplex
The treated area has been sprayed with biocomplex for the last 10 years
(this crop was also treated as per our recommendations). Due to this long
time usage the soil conditions, crumble structure, water holding capacity,
seed germination, resistance to wind and water erosion have all noticeably
improved. Also a large increase in the microbial population and a better
balance between pests and useful microbes.
This years crop treatment has brought, as usual, a large top growth which
has remained green allowing the photosynthesis to continue. As can be seen
from the picture the area is very green indicating that growth continues,
these potatoes will continue to develop until mid-September and these last
4-5 weeks will produce a high increase in the crop’s weight.

The two pictures of the potatoes from both treated and untreated areas:
Those on the left, the treated potatoes, show an almost identical shape and
size (except for 4 small ones) their skins are translucent, clean and have NO
scab and of course – LAST BUT NOT LEAST they still have a further 4-5
weeks growth to go.

Those on the right are untreated, they are not so identical, their growth is
finished and they have scab.
Once again the use of biocomplex, under very adverse conditions, has more
than proved it’s worth.
























































































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